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Theatre for Youth 2023

| Cynthia Harper |

Two Theatre for Youth(TFY) Festivals, events of the Alabama Conference of Theatre, were held this spring.  The first TFY festival was at Saint James School, Montgomery, AL, on February 25, 2023, and the second at Collins Intermediate School, Scottsboro, AL on March 11, 2023.  Nearly 200 students from 13 elementary and middle school drama programs participated. The participating organizations were Gwin Elementary (Hoover), Opelika Theatre Company, Prattville Junior High School, Bumpus Middle School (Hoover), Rudd Middle School (Jefferson County), The Studio (Mobile), Thompson Middle School (Shelby County), Trace Crossings Elementary (Hoover), UMS-Wright Preparatory School (Mobile), Wetumpka Middle School, Collins Drama Club (Scottsboro), Discovery Middle School (Huntsville) Lee Scott Academy, Rainbow Middle School.

Coordinating the events were Cindy Harper, Executive Director, Melissa Strickland, Chair, Theatre for Youth, Ashley Bishop, Vice Chair, Theatre for Youth, and hosts Lonny Harrison at St James School, and Matt Brewer at Collins Intermediate School.  The judges were Jessica Lucas, Kim Mason, Charles Thompson, Allison Keene, Cam Williams, Angie Dixon, Drew Wingate, Rachel Pickering, Daniel Harris, Roy Lightner, and Randy Foster., Sara Argiro, Wesley Rorex, Vanessa Marcum, Paul Stevenson and Brian Adkins. Workshops leaders were Brian Adkins, Kayleigh Smith, Sean Golson, and Ashely Portis.

The Theatre for Youth Festival provide quality training workshops and performance opportunities for Alabama theatre students in 4th through 8th grade. The festival consists of solo, duet and group acting events, solo, duet and group musical theatre events, pantomime, and a technical theatre showcase. The top three students in each event receiving a Superior score are named to the All-Star Cast and receive a medal. 

All-Star Cast from TFY-Montgomery

Solo Acting Varsity  
Bayside AcademyAliceWebb
UMS-Wright Prep SchoolGunnarHowell
Bayside AcademyAnnabelKimbrell
Solo Acting Novice  
UMS-Wright Prep SchoolSawyerSmith
Opelika Theatre Company HadleyNobles
Opelika Theatre Company GabrielleLurns
Solo Musical Varsity  
Opelika Theatre CompanyLIZZYLOVELL
R.F. Bumpus Middle SchoolAllisonMcElrath
Opelika Theatre CompanyJDHIGGENBOTHAM
Solo Musical Novice  
Trace Crossings Elementary LianaGalpothdeniya
The StudioMary ClaireKelley
Duet Acting Varsity  
Opelika Theatre CompanyDalty BendingerRosie Fain
Dunbar Magnet SchoolDeviana WrightTeNiyah Evans
UMS-Wright Prep SchoolAddison EnglandFinley Gartman
Duet Acting Novice  
Alabama Waldorf SchoolCollin BrangleAva Hollinsworth
Trace Crossings Elementary Maria Soloer GrimaldoCowen Cherry
Duet Musical Theatre Varsity  
Thompson Middle SchoolAddie PavlickMia Stephens
The StudioAndy HoustonAdalyn Lyles
Group Acting Varsity  
UMS-WRIGHT Preparatory SchoolGroup A – Arrington 
Thompson Middle SchoolGroup A – Belscher 
Dunbar Magnet SchoolGroup B – Holt 
Alabama Waldorf SchoolGroup A – Mann 
Group Acting Novice  
Alabama Waldorf SchoolGroup A 
Pantomime Varsity  
Wetumpka Middle SchoolHannahConrad
Thompson Middle SchoolLukePavlick
Technical Varsity  
Alabama Waldorf SchoolAkiMichel
Thompson Middle SchoolAbigailBelscher
Thompson Middle SchoolAddieBell

All-Star Cast from TFY-Scottsboro:

Solo Acting- Varsity  
Collins Intermediate SchoolSpencerWalker
Rainbow Middle SchoolAddieBozeman
Discovery Middle SchoolEmiliaMartin
Solo Acting – Novice  
Collins Intermediate SchoolAlyBradley
Musical Theatre-Varsity  
Rainbow Middle SchoolTesslyKichner
Lee-Scott AcademyAudreyEdwards
Collins Intermediate SchoolSpencerWalker
Musical Theatre- Novice  
Collins Intermediate SchoolLillyWalker
Duet Acting- Varsity  
Rainbow Middle SchoolAddie BozemanTessly Kichner
Duet Musical Theatre – Varsity  
Lee-Scott AcademyAudrey EdwardsSam Edwards
Collins Intermediate SchoolSkeetJones
Technical Showcase-Varsity  
Collins Intermediate SchoolGraceAnderton

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