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Theatre for Youth 2021

| Cynthia Harper |

The ACT Theatre for Youth Division held a virtual festival in 2021.If was coordinated by Cindy Harper, Executive Director, Melissa Strickland, Chair, Theatre for Youth, Ashley Bishop, Vice Chair, Theatre for Youth. Participating organizations included: Trace Crossings Elementary (Hoover), UMS-Wright Preparatory School (Mobile) Rocky Ridge Elementary School (Hoover) Green Valley Elementary School (Hoover), Discovery Middle School (Huntsville), Red Door Theatre and Bumpus Middle School (Hoover). About 120 students participated.

Judges for the events included Ania Briggs, Holly Aldridge, Vivienne Atkins, Catherine Barlow, Delle Kincaid, Kelleybrooke Brown, B Dyson, Clay Boyce, Kim Mason, Olivia Dodd, Tammy Fine, David Shellnut, M Adams, Melva Jackson, Sara Margaret Cates, Lani Dill, Jesse Bates, Margaret Delaney, Cathrine Barlow, Andrew Duxbury, Janice Glore, and Kelly Deiss

All students received participation certificates and feedback from the judges on their submitted videos.

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