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ACT Scholarship Recipients 2019

| Cynthia Harper |

Acting/Musical Theatre:

  • Dominique Garcie, Southside High School, Sponsor: Jason Bozman (Acting/Musical Theatre) – Patricia Putnam Performing Scholarship
  • David Beshirs, Huntsville High School, Sponsor: Meghan Phelps (Musical Theatre)
  • Abagail Sledd, Grissom High School, Sponsor: Tee Guillin (Acting/Musical Theatre)

Technical Theatre:

  • Adam Stremmel, Donohoo School, Sponsor: Ashley Burrage (Technical Theatre)

The following are alternates.  In the event that our scholarship winners are not able to accept the scholarship, we will contact these candidates in order.

Acting/Musical Theatre:

  • First Alternate: Anna Grace Haley, Tuscaloosa Academy, Sponsor: Sara-Margaret Cates
  • Second Alternate: Harry Meyer, Grissom High School, Sponsor: Tee Quillin
  • Third Alternate: Duncan Smith, Huntsville High School, Sponsor: Meghan Phelps

Technical Theatre:

  • First Alternate: Sarah Robbins, Jefferson County Academy of Theatre and Dance, Sponsor: Carl Dean
  • Second Alternate: Karen Daniel, Pleasant Grove High School, Sponsor: Kayte Clowdus
  • Third Alternate: Addie Zaner, Jacksonville High School, Sponsor: Lisa Nixon

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